We support smart agriculture

Integrating our smart irrigation system, we offer both hardware and software solutions to you. These lucrative solutions help minimize human participation in the irrigation processes and guarantee utmost optimization.

Proceeding with developing the network of smart devices

With our wireless IoT solution you can control irrigation on the fly, checking air temperature, soil temperature and humidity, as well as saving your time and resources.


Take advantage of our hardware and software solutions

Use our hardware to optimize your workforce

This eco-friendly solution consists of:
• Sirius Server BSS1-LR
• Node
• PSCS (Pumping Station Control System)
• Repeater
After attaching IoT smart controls to DC latching solenoid on a valve, your data is transmitted to the gateway, which you can later download or display within your own system.

Join us and make your life easier

To eliminate complications, reports and alerts are sent via SMS and email to the online portal and the smartphone app. The maximum number of the received messages per day is up to 12000, the number of channels being 100.

Decide what to do next thoughtfully and easily

You have the ability to have real-time process control leveraging our software solutions:
• Admin and API App
• Web App –
• Mobile app
• Bot (Telegram)
After monitoring the situation and analyzing all the information, you are ready to make knowledgeable decisions. High level of personal data protection is guaranteed.

Off to spending less resources

Our sensors placed in different parts of the ground instantly detect various types of problems, collect information on wind, humidity, soil temperature, pump pressure, etc., and send that to the computer, thus helping you to save resources. Also, you are enabled to view watering schedules and history without unnecessary spend.


We integrate our irrigation system and deliver you a full package of services included:
• Blueprint
• Installation of local servers
• Application(web, phone, bot)
• Remote controller
• Offline controller
• Monitoring

You are also provided with after sales services (maintenance, analytics, data collection, problem detection, etc.). Two subscription packages are available: Basic package, without cloud local control (25$) and Professional package, with data collection and storage, and weekly reports (75$).